IOT Cloud MKR1010 NINA Firmware

I have successfully updated the WiFiNina firmware using the latest IDE hourly build to 1.4.3
I have created a basic sketch using the iot cloud editor
I have connected my MKR1010 with a port shown.
I have verified the sketch - success
When I attempt to upload the sketch I get an error.
"Upload unavailable.

To upload an IoT Cloud sketch, update the NINA firmware to the latest version"
but I already have done this update!

The latest NINA firmware version is now 1.4.5:

Unfortunately, that version is not yet available in the Arduino IDE, though it will be soon:

I believe you can get the update from Arduino Cloud IoT itself:

I have down loaded WiFiNINA 1.8.9 from github and installed in my local library. Removed old copies.
The Check firmware sketch shows I have 1.4.3 installed and the latest is 1.4.5
When I choose the WiFi101/WiFiNINA Firmware updater from the latest hourly build IDE 8th Apr 2021 the highest update version available is still only 1.4.3!
There does not appear to be any reference to include WiFi.h in the 1.8.9 update firmware sketch.


Please read my previous reply where I explain all of this.

Is that a problem?

The MKR1010 is successfully associated in Setup.
I have then attempted to update the WiFiNINA firmware from the Devices tab in the IOT Cloud using Firefox and Chrome browsers after restarts.
Update starts to check firmware then stops after about 30sec. Message is Something went wrong!
No other usb devices or Arduino IDE running on my MacMini except mouse and keybd.
Do I need to install Updated WiFi101-Firmware-Updater to v0.11.0 if so how?
Have I tried all options or I should wait for the IDE update?

I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, I'm not up to speed on troubleshooting the Arduino Cloud firmware update system. All I know about it is what was explained in the forum topic I linked to above.

I think the easiest way to do it will be to download the test build for your operating system from the pull request where the Arduino IDE developer is doing the work to update the firmware updater in the Arduino IDE here:
Just download the file, extract it, then run the arduino executable in the extracted folder. From there, you can just do the standard Arduino IDE firmware update process. After updating the firmware, you are welcome to go back to using Arduino IDE 1.8.13 or Arduino Cloud Editor, or whatever you prefer. The test build of the IDE is just a convenient way to get the latest available firmware.

Another option is the "FirmwareUploader" tool:

This is a command line tool. Unfortunately, it looks like the latest NINA version it provides is 1.4.4.

One thing important to note: The outdated firmware message you're seeing is only meant to be a helpful reminder to keep your NINA firmware up to date. Most often, the previous firmware versions work just fine. So don't get so uptight about this message unless you have good reason to believe that you really do need an update.

when the macos version is downloaded and opened/run the message is "this file is damaged and can't be opened. It should be moved to the bin"

I have a suspicion that this is really resulting from the test build files not being notarized. I seem to remember that is skipped for the test builds and if macOS users want to use the test builds then they need to configure their system ("Gatekeeper" I believe) to allow the non-notarized application to run.

That's probably too much of a hassle so I'd recommend using FirmwareUploader instead.

IDE 1.8.15 allows successful firmware update to 1.4.5 on my MKR1010 which then allows sketch uploads to the iot cloud.

I'm glad to hear it!

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