IoT Cloud unstable - SOLVED

I've been working with Arduino IoT Cloud for a month or so using several MKR WiFi 1010 boards and I've found IoT Cloud to be unstable in connecting to the MKR. If I disconnect the MKR from wifi for a day and then reconnect it, I can't get IoT Cloud to reconnect. I've tried resetting the MKR, reloading the IoT Cloud pages, refreshing the devices on IoT Cloud. The odd thing is that I am usually able to download a sketch from IoT Cloud to the MKR through the USB cable from my Mac (running Big Sur). Even after a successful download, IoT Cloud still thinks my MKR is offline. I've confirmed that the MKR is connected to my wifi. The only explanation I can think of is that I've changed MKR 1010 boards a couple of times and detached the Thing from one board and reattached to another MKR 1010. However, the last time I did this, the MKR 1010 connected to IoT Cloud without a problem and I received valid data on the IoT Cloud dashboard, as well as my iPhone's IoT Cloud app from the MKR ENV Shield attached to the MKR 1010. It's not a problem with the sketch since it's been working properly for a while.

When I disconnected the MKR 1010/ENV board from power two days ago and then reconnected them to power on the same wifi network today, I could not get IoT Cloud to recognize the MKR as being online. I tried downloading the same sketch to the same board and it worked.

I'm running WiFiNINA firmware version 1.4.1, which is the latest that I can get with the Arduino IDE and checks OK when I run the WiFiNINA Check Firmware Version sketch.

At this point, I think that IoT Cloud is unstable. It's taking way too much time to deal with when I would like to be using it instead of dealing with instability. My improvement recommendation would be to investigate the instability and fix it.

Hi maulepiilot, thank you very much for this report. We are fully committed to ensuring IoT Cloud is stable and reliable so we will investigate and we might be contacting you in case we need to get further details from your side.

The problem resolved itself about 3 days ago. I think the MQTT server was having problems since I got continuous messages that the sketch could not connect to on the IoT Cloud serial monitor page. Unfortunately, I didn't take a screen shot to send you. I tried to ping but it didn't work so maybe the server doesn't respond to pings. It would be very helpful to have an icon on the main IoT Cloud page that indicates the status of the mqqt broker server. It would have saved me several hours of troubleshooting.

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