IOT Cloud Variable Update Policy (Periodically)

I'm able to connect Nano 33 IOT to Arduino cloud and exchange 1 (R/W) Boolean and 1 (RW) Integer with dashboard. I just updated my IOT Create Plan from FREE to MAKER because the latter offered 10 Cloud API requests per second (10/sec) whereas the free plan is limited to 1/sec. I was expecting to be able to edit the variable update policy to take advantage of the faster updates, however, this is not the case (see image).

  • Did I misinterpret the meaning of the API request limit?
  • Does it not permit 100mSec updates of a single variable?
  • Is it more along the lines of 10 variables each second? Where (1 update/second) * (10 variables) = 10 API calls/sec?


You can learn about the Cloud API here:
It's the request rate to that API that becomes 10 requests/second maximum.

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