IOT communication from one Arduino to another

Hello, my friend and I had a idea but neither know how we would do it. Our thought was to build a system that would allow us to connect telegraph keys to Arduinos and use the IOT to allow us to communicate from our own houses in Morse code without having to use ham radios.

What we are hoping to achieve is a as I send a dit or dah his system would sound it in real time. We would like to avoid using a system where I type the message in full and hit send. How could something like this work?

Look at MQTT. It is designed for communication between IOT devices. Since you would both be using an external (public) MQTT broker, there may be some limits on the morse code speed, but I would guess that you could see speeds of 10-15 WPM.

And it would be easy to add other friends on the same network.

My go to device is the Wemos D1 Mini because it already has WiFi built in, faster then the Uno, and more RAM. It is compatible with the Arduino IDE.

Sending character-by-character would mean the sending device would have to read the morse key to detect a complete character. The code would need to detect the difference from a dot, dash, and space. In other words, "-..- -.-- --.." would be "XYZ". As each character is decoded, you could send that character by MQTT.

Word spacing (equal to three character spaces) would be more difficult. But get the character transmission figured out first. Look at various tutorials on morse decoding to get an idea of how to detect your morse key into characters.