IoT dashboard chart not showing proper data

I have an MKR 1010 set up to an ultrasonic sensor that is supposed to display a certain value on the dashboard chart every time it detects something close. When I click on the live feed it shows the correct value, but when I check the 1 hour part it has a lesser value and gets lesser as I go through the other time intervals of the chart.

Is there a way to make sure accurate data shows 100% of the time for the chart visualization?

I'm having a similar issue with the DHT-11. The data is good when using locally and monitoring via the serial port, but when I use the IOT Cloud I get -999 instead of 25. Every once in a while, it gets it right.

same problem. I cannot visualize my data.

@supernick3000 @rjclarke61

Could you both please see the sticky posts at the top of the section. The devil is in the details and without them some people will not respond.

I am also having issues with the dashboard showing any values from the analog input. I've followed the tutorial step by step, several times and I can't get any data. I've printed out the values to the local serial port to check that the values are valid and they are correct. I've even tried changing the report frequency. I just can't get the dashboard to update with the values.