IoT enforcing rules on humans tweeting

The manual for a human clearly states “Engage brain before operating mouth”, and there is a similar rule for tweeting. Unfortunately these rules are easily bypassed and in situations where the human is intoxicated serious damage can result.

A Maker, Hannah J, has devised a solution to prevent alcohol fueled tweets by adding intelligence and WiFi capability to her drinks coaster using an Adafruit Feather board – this is described below.

I know somebody, let’s call him Donald, who suffers from both loose lips and indiscriminate tweeting. Donald is TT so alcohol is not the problem. I was wondering though if somebody could devise something like Hanna’s device that would prevent cocaine induced tweets.

Hanna’s first problem was decide when intoxication had occurred. She experimented with several methods and finally decided that having the coaster count ‘sips’ was a good way to determine the level of inebriation. The next problem was to find the best way of preventing tweets when the human was too far gone. Initially the coaster manipulated parental control application locks, but this proved error-prone. The nuclear option of cutting power to the router was too much of a sledgehammer because it also cut-off Netflix which was often being viewed when sipping was taking place. The coaster was then permitted to send warning tweeds but while that provided some damage limitation it was not wholly effective. Finally Hanna hit on the purr-fect solution which was for the coaster to tweet a picture of a cute cat every 100ms. This had the effect of Twitter automatically suspending the twitter account for a temporary period allowing sobriety to return.

How might a similar system work for coke?

blood pressure monitor.

The D-man ain't on coke tho, what happened yesterday was someone sent him a link to a tranny vid, but the tranny didn't finish, so he wasn't impressed. He ain't having no impotent ppls fighting in his military.