IoT on water irriagtion

Hey guys, im new to aruduino.. here i would like to look some opinions or suggestioss regarding this water irrigation.. the one that im gonna make it is really simple. I just need the arduino to send notification to my raspPi.. So what the basic components and or anything that related to this project.. I've been through alots of forums and do a little research on it but could not find the simple or understanding one.

Any references or guide on link are much welcoming.. looking forward for the replies!!

million thanks.

You need to flesh out your idea a bit more before we can answer that question.

What type of notifications does the arduino need to send to the rPi.

What type of arduino is sending these notifications.

How far away will the arduino be from the rPi.

what is connected to the arduino that could not have been connected directly to the rPi

The arduino will open and close the valve for watering the plants for sure some coding will be needed in

this process. Because in here im not using arduino as main instructor instead im using rasP for sending

the instructions (open and close the valve through arduino ).

The main points here that i can control open and closed valve through web or app. That the reason i

need both rasP and arduino. Rasp will more into IoT and arduino more into sensor.

Hmm. You you want wireless or wired communication with arduino?
Do you have power socket close to the valve or you need your arduino to run with batteries?

the one that im gonna make it is really simple.

What makes you think that?

thanks for the reply guys.. the arduino will be in wired form and regarding the power will get back to you.

At first im thinking to use power socket and about arduino run with batteries, is the any drawback on it?

What kind of water valve are you going to use?
With projects like these, you need to start at the end .
ie what needs to be controlled, and then once you have decided that, you can go to the next step which is
How can I control the valve, ie whats needed to do this.
How much power does the valve need to open and close .

will back to u guys after im done with the setup anyway im doing a simple water irrigation system by the