IOT project LED

I'm new to IOT and this is my first project , i didn't find the answer to my question anywhere Is there an app for android and a software for windows that can control and arduino from different places at the same time ? It has to have dynamic ip and be controlled with internet and the server shouldn't be local I want to control a LED from different location and devices ,they should be able to control it at the same time but like for example mobile through data and laptop through wifi Thank you

If you google “ android Arduino” there are loads of hits showing examples etc. There are for the other bits you mention too , which reference this site , you tube etc.

You need to look at this in stages , all of what you say is possible ( except maybe the dynamic ip bit which needs explaining a bit more ).

There are WiFi and network shields for Arduino . Start with a network shield and play with the IDE examples for it , then expand from there.