IoT project upon 100 wifi hotspot users


I want to build an ioT project where arduino or any harware should provide wifi hotspot (access point) for users upto 80-100 and data should be collect from that users is that possible with arduino ???? :confused:


How ?? Will you please mention how to do it please? What are the hardware required and how to do it???

I can create a WiFi hotspot with my mobile phone (which is enormously more powerful than an Arduino) but I doubt if it could support many users.

Wouldn’t it be much easier to buy a low cost WiFi router - I have a TP Link MR3020 that can connect to a 4G dongle. They also make versions that don’t use a dongle and are probably cheaper.


Robin2 offers a solution that meets your requirements.
"where arduino or any harware should provide wifi hotspot"
The main point is that there are devices you can buy to do exactly what you want.

I would have a dozen questions.
100 users of data. what does that mean ?
does that mean 100 of the MRK1000 reading a temperature once every hour and you have each one in turn send back that reading ?
or does it mean you have one garden sensor and 100 people loging on to read it ?
do you mean you want 100 people, such as at an airport to be able to check their e-mail, watch movies and such ?

the more basic information you can offer, the better our questions until you offer enough information for us to offer you a solution.