iot propane thanks idea

hi new here,

i sell lgp cylinder and the biggest pain of this job is that people buy cylinder but 50% they no give back.

so i come up with the idea to create something that would fit under the base of the lfp cylinder and would send me a notification when the weight of the cylinder is decreasing.

all solution on the internet bring to a wi-fi circuit app and weight sensor (pretty big ) and separate from the cylinder body, this kind of product is used for the end costumer to know themself if they still have gas in the cylinder. something like this o get an idea

what am looking for is a gsm sensor that could send me a sms without my client knowing it ( should fit under the cylnder ) , or they will remove.

thaks for any reply

First, put your cell phone under the tank where you are suggesting and see if you can send it a text message.

IF so, then there is hope for your project.


This topic comes up every few months.

The safety issues are very important, for instance many boat fires are due to gas bottles - one day they will
leak, and there must be proper ventillation and no sources of ignition. Otherwise its a timebomb. For
instance gas bottles on boats are intrisically dangerous as there's no ventilation and propane/butane is
denser than air and so builds up over time.

For other situations ventilation is much easier to ensure, but you really don't want to introduce any
ignition source even so. In many territories there are regulations that apply for safety of gas fittings
and appliances because of the risk to life and limb.

I'd go straight to your insurers and ask what system they would recommend.

You charge a deposit for the bottle that covers its cost , job done .