IoT - Sigfox TD1207 + ARD UNO ?

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I have sigfox module TD1207, I need him to deploy the Arduino UNO. Anybody got any experience? I need to transfer the necessary temperature to SigfoxBeckand.

Connecting it to an Arduino is quite easy. Connect the TX pin to the RX pin of the Arduino and vice versa. If you use a 3V3 Arduino (p.e. Due) you can connect it directly otherwise (p.e. with your UNO) you need a level converter to convert the Arduino's 5V to the 3V3 the module operates at. Then you have to send the module specific AT command over the serial interface. If you want to debug I strongly suggest using an Arduino that has a free hardware serial interface (the UNO hasn't) as the Leonardo, Mega2560 or Due.

You do not have someone with experience sigfox backend?

Does anyone have experience of how to engage an external module temperature and send the data to beckend?