IoT Vehicle Data to Android & PC

Hi All !
For the first, I am one of the member team that focus on Shell-eco Marathon competition.

I want to make an IoT system, that can send my vehicle's data into my Android tablet, PC or even google sheet. The data are RPM (I am using tachometer), distance, and odometer.
I have read all of the articles in Google and in here : 223 iot Projects - Arduino Project Hub
But I did not found the system that similary with my project.

Could anyone in this forum, help me to solve and find solutions for my project ?
Thank you so much and I will very appreciate it.

A good source is here
and you will probably need to bone up on a phone shield, like SIM900, but you are going to have to be more forthcoming on what you really want/need to do, as I believe you might have a serious problem with upload frequency, the way you state it. This is because public IoT services only allow updates every 10-15 seconds. Running your own IoT berings its own problems - that ordinary people don't need to know about, but might involve discussion with your ISP, and it might be better to talk to Shell first.

Public IoT services provide dashboards for PC etc. as will be described in the above link.
I don't know anything about the instrumentation, but I imagine it would be simplest to have all-new sensors exclusive to Arduino.