IoTuino: 56x23 mm core module with WiFi and integrated lighting control for LYT

Hello everybody,

I want to introduce you our new core module named IoTuino.
We just presented at MAKER FAIRE of Rome.
It is a 56×23 mm core module, compatible with Arduino UNO, based on an ATMega328P microcontroller, a miniaturized low power Wi-Fi module (IEEE802.1 1b/g/n), a 512Kb SPI Flash, a proprietary 2.4Ghz radio transceiver used to control our intelligent led bulbs named LYT and an integrated mini USB programming port.
You can find more details on our web site
Our crowdfunding campaign has been started on Indiegogo three days ago!!
Preorder your kit right now!
Thank you!!


Hmm, proprietary 2.4Ghz radio transceiver?


the meaning of proprietary is that we did not use a standard protocol like Zigbee or ZWave but a custom protocol using a low cost 2.4 Ghz chip. In any case the SPI protocol is included with the Arduino libraries, so no secret.