IP Address when DHCP turned off

Hi there.

I am currently working on a project about sending my data from Arduino to google drive and am currently using Arduino with WiFi Shield mounted on it. Currently my codes were able to run but it does not work. This code was initially for Arduino and Ethernet shield and i understand that i cannot directly convert from Ethernet to WiFi as i have to add libraries in. I added the libraries and all, but i'm not sure about the IP address. Comment says to use Arduino IP address when DHCP is turned off. How do i turn it off? Another question is, my serial monitor printed out "Connection Fail". My codes were as below,

int read_ADC = analogRead(0); //read analog input on pin A0 //int baca_ADC = analogRead(7); //read analog input on pin A7 temp = read_ADC * 5.0 * 100.0/1024.0; // ADC to celcius conversion dataUpdates(); //kemasData(); //packing GET query with data Serial.println("connecting..."); if (client.connect(server, 80)) { sendData(); connection = true; //connected = true } else{ Serial.println("connection failed");

Is there any mistakes here? Truly appreciate if anyone could assist me in this. Thank you!

Hzrhsani: Is there any mistakes here?

Yes, this link will help you understand some of the mistakes you made. Read it, especially points #7, #11 and #15, and ask if you need more help.