IP returning as when ethernet shield is stacked

Hey guys, so here's my set up: I've got my Arduino uno with an adafruit NFC/RFID shield on it, with an off brand ethernet shield on top of my NFC shield (using stacking pins). When I have the ethernet shield connected directly to the arduino I get a proper IP back, however, when I have the NFC shield with the ethernet shield stacked on top of that i get (side note: the NFC shield works fine still). I assume the ethernet shield is having trouble communicating past the NFC shield, but i'm not sure how to fix the issue, or if it even is fixable. If anyone has any insight i'd appreciate it, thanks!

I don't see ICSP pins on any of the Adafruit NFC shields. That is how the SPI data lines get to the ethernet shield. Without those pins fed through to the ethernet shield, it will be a lost cause.

Connect the ethernet shield to the Arduino and the NFC shield on top of the ethernet shield. Have you tried that?

I don’t know why i didn’t think about that, but i love you sir!! Thank you!