Ipad gu interface

Hi all, For my job I design and program systems in CBus "google it" and one of the systems I use for our customers is the new Ipad, what I do is create a GUI in a program download it to a web server which is located in a wireless router, the wireless router also has a network interface which talks to the CBus, so the outcome is that I can turn on and off lights, fans etc. in a house using an App on the Ipad. Question is how do I do this easily with my bio diesel system I want to build, has anyone done anything with apps wirelessly controlling an Arduino? Jay


There are many posts on the forum pertaining to wireless communication between PC's (IBM, MAC, etc.) and Arduino and also between Arduinos.

Most systems use either xBee, Wi-Fi or small transmitter/receivers modules (similar to your car remote).

In order to get some good useful feedback from the forum, you need to be more specific about what signals/commands you want to send to/from your BioDiesel system.