Ipad to control elevator run by arduino

Hi guys,

I have earlier made an mini elevator run by an arduino. The purpose of the elevator was to have an iPad standing inside the elevator. Whenever the elevator is on the top the iPad plays one film, and whenever the elevator is on the bottom, the elevator shows another film. I quickly realized that having a slideshow showing the films synchronized with the amount of time the lift was holding still was impossible due to mechanical limitations.

My question is therefore: Does anyone have a good idea of how to make the iPad start the arduino code, whenever the film is over?

Have them communicate over Bluetooth or WiFi.

For receiving Bluetooth data on an Arduino Have a look at the examples in Serial Input Basics - simple reliable ways to receive data.

The technique in the 3rd example will be the most reliable.

You can send data in a compatible format with code like this (or the equivalent in any other programming language)

Serial.print('<'); // start marker
Serial.print(','); // comma separator
Serial.println('>'); // end marker