iPhone Anyone?

Anyone know how to interface the arduino via the Dock connector on the iPhone. I’d love to make apps that work on the iphone and arduino instead of a Mac or PC =)

FWIW I'm not sure how much you can do on the software side of this without a "jail-broken" iPhone but I seem to recall standard serial communication with the device requires a "secret handshake" which was documented somewhere--you'd need to Google it.


For the physical connection, maybe try this? http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8295

i have the spark fun breakout board and an APPLE developer kit. but i can't find much on programing that serial port on it =( I'd love to be able to use an iphone as a data logger for something or as a front panel. think of the possibilities. I need like processing for the iphone =) or even like zterm for the iphone would be a good start

Googling for "iphone serial handshake" (sans quotes) leads to:


I've not tested it myself but hope it helps...