iPhone Arduino

Has anyone managed to connect the Arduino to an iPhone yet? So far all I find are bits and pieces but no reliable, documented sollution.

I knows that there is a method for connecting to the arduino over the internet in a web browser, and since the iphone has a web-browser you should be able to connect to it this way

The iPhone SDK has full support for a TCP/IP stack, so talking to an Arduino with an Ethernet shield should be possible. If you're looking at physically hooking up the Arduino to the iPhone dock connector, I think you can talk to some of the pins... I don't have the SDK docs in front of me. You would have to become a registered iPhone developer (and pony up $99) to do anything beyond a web based app, or go the jailbreak route.

Not quite sure, but I think that the official SDK doesn't allow you to access the serial port on the dock connector. For this, you have to go with the non-official SDK and/or undocumented libraries. Either way : jailbreak ^^

I’m working on a wifi shield that should be somewhat less expensive than the existing wifi shields out there. With the shield, you should be able to make a direct local wireless connection to the iPhone and use custom apps as a display for Arduino applications.

Nice! Does the iphone sdk allows access to the bluetooth stack ? This may be an easier way than the wifi, no ?

I don't see anything in the SDK on bluetooth or hardware interface. I think network/wifi is the only way to go (officially) right now.

The bluetooth stack on the iPhone only implements the handsfree or headset profile. And there are serial lines on the dock output, but you can't get to them from the API. I think for now wifi (or GPRS/3G) is the only way to officially connect.

I've also considered doing an acoustic modem through the microphone input, which could work but would require a lot more software and hassle.

Jin, this thread is more than a year old now. Did you make that WIFI board you were talking about? I'd love to have such a thing.


Yes, I did make the wifi board, and successfully used it to interface to a Kestrel wind and environment meter, implementing a pseudo-HTTP interface which would respond with the data at any request from a web browser. Works great. However, I never wrote up my project since nobody expressed interest.

I still have the EAGLE files for the shield and the code for the project, it should be easy to adapt for other projects. The Wifi module costs $60 from Digikey and the shield can be etched at home, or costs about $20 from batchpcb. If you are really intent on buliding one, I'd be happy to document it.

Thanks for the info Jin. I did however find out about the AsyncLabs BlackWidow 1.0, which is quite cost effective. I'm also not so inclined to make it myself, but much rather use a finished product.

I thought you meant you wanted to produce this board, but maybe since the lack of interest, you didn't. Strange, because when the AsyncLabs guys posted here, there seemed to be a lot of interest.

Thanks again, and best of luck

That blackwidow looks pretty good, and the cost is less than an Arduino+iWifi board, even leaving out costs for any interface hardware. So yeah, I’d definitely consider that if I were doing it again.

What about having a message for communication made into an mp3 file, then programming an app to play these mp3 files. Could a headphone plug be plugged in, but instead of a speaker, use an IR led?


Jin, I am interested in your project... I have a connectone iwifi sitting around and would love to put it to good use!

breaks out every pin, and there is a datasheet that says the purpose

Trying to rekindle this old thread- can anyone point me in the right direction about communicating with an arduino via iphone & vise versa?

I prefer 30 pin connector, though I hear Made for Apple issues can arise here - so, I may be stuck with Wifi. Are there cheap wifi solutions?