iPhone + Arduino

I would like to control my arduino from my iPhone over the wi-fi network or internet. I would like to have command and status of my arduino, is there an iphone app for this? Thanks Rico

This is the only one I've come across - http://innerqube.com/?p=1065

Andrew EDIT This looks interesting too - http://www.open.com.au/mikem/arduino/RCKit/

If your iphone is web enabled with a brouser, you could put an ethernet shield on the arduino and comunicate with it via a web page.

Can TouchOSC be used with the arduino ethernet shield?

You can see if you can operate my pan/tilt web cam using your iphone. A friend can operate it with her iphone. The finger spread thing can be used to make the controls larger. You can't do the video with the arduino, but the servo control should be easy.


@Rico_Bravo You'd have to have something on the Arduino that understands the OSC protocol directly. Here's one someone's already built: http://recotana.com/iphone/iosc/en/instruction_arduino


I am trying to open my garage door with the iPhone and arduino and ethernet shield! I already got it working with the web browser on the iPhone but it was a lot of work. I am now trying to get it to work with TouchOSC using IP and wi-fi for command and status of the garage door. Any pointers are appreciated. Thanks Rico Bravo