iPhone controlling Arduino over network

Something I’ve had in mind for a while is a nice simple iPhone app that’ll send data to an arduino over a network. I seem to remember some people using an app designed fir controlling some audio software i think, but setting it up seemed like a tricky process.

This afternoon I put a little app together that sends a single byte on a button press, and 3 bytes when the slider moves $, slider, value, the idea being you set the IP and port of your Arduino (with ethernet board of course), the iphone connects and off you go.

No idea if such a thing would be accepted on the app store, but I think it may be useful enough to polish add some connection monitoring and give it a shot.

Need to find a good guide on BSD sockets too…


How are you transfering the data? are you sending in your html or using socketsend?

I’m currently using a socket wrapper, want to use cocoaasyncsocket but haven’t manages to sus it out yet.