iPhone joins standalone Arduino network

I'm wondering if iPhone users could join a standalone network created by multiple Arduinos (i.e. with no computer setting up the local network).

Perhaps using Meshlium or the new Xbee WiFis?

Any pointers appreciated!

I received my wifi xbee yesterday so I'll be playing with it in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced my adapter board and of course the pin spacing of the module won't fit a standard 0.1" breadboard. I'm going to order a replacement in case I can never find mine. I also have one of the development kits on order but they are back-ordered until next month so that won't help in the mean time.

I'll post my results when I have any. Maybe you'll do the same?

Thanks for the info— too bad the kits are back-ordered. I'll post whatever I find out.