Iphone now playing song title to Arduino (serial?)

Hi guys, does anybody have experience with communication between arduino and Iphone/ Ipod?

The thing i want to accomplish is to get song name playing in phone so i can use to be displayed on lcd.

Any hints or suggestions?

Step 1. Iphone/ Ipod via serial port you need root access right - jailbreak
check here to make sure if it is legal or not at your country.

Step 2. Tech detail


Step 3. Cable

iPod Connector Male Style 1



Step 4.

Logic Level Converter

The iphone/ipod/ipad is 3.3v TTL for connecting 5.0v TTL Arduino you must need Logic Level Converter, otherwise idevice got fried!

What are the requirements? Can the iphone be physically tethered to Arduino with a cable or do you need wireless? Are there any wireless or wired network where this setup works? You could use iphone to post to Arduino web server that uses Ethernet shield or wifi shield. Then the Arduino drives an LCD. It's pretty simple implementation if there is network around. Without rooting or jailbreak you can't use bluetooth on iphone either, which could be the cheap.

Thank you sonnyyu for the hardware suggestions

I have got idea of getting played track id as such devices do

so i think it basically picks up serial data of song name from serial, but i think should it send request for it as well

the idea is to capture that data to be sent to LCD for example