iPod + Arduino + iOSC


I have the Arduino Duemilanove and i would like to control the build-in LED with the iPod touch. I will use the iOSC program at the iPod. Could you please help on how to do that??

(The Arduino will be connected via USB cable with a laptop and the iPod touch and the laptop at a Wi-Fi connection.)

Someone to help me??

problem is you would have to write an application on the laptop that can take the inputs coming threw wifi from the iPod and translate it into commands that can be sent threw USB to the Arduino. How are you at programming?

Another way might be to attach a wifi shield to the arduino and figure out how to ge the ipod and arduino talking directly. Once again you'll need to develope code that can handle the communications.

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Ok sorry for the second post :slight_smile:

Well actually i want to make this happen:

this guy doesnt use a wifi shield if i am right

Well the iTouch app has companion software on the PC. So it depends on what that software is capable of. Chances are you would need to write your on PC app that talks to the iTouch threw WiFi then transmits data to the arduino over USB.