IPS Capacitive Touch Screen with Arduino, is it possible?


I have this Touch Screen 7’’ IPS Capacitive Touch Screen Overlay and I want to control it with an Arduino or another Microcontroller but I can’t found any examples on internet, I think that probably I could use examples from the TFT screen which is more popular.

My question is: It is possible to interface with this touch display? Maybe is there another MCU with more hardware/software capabilities to complete what I want to do?

Is there any resources that you could provide me in case that is possible to interface with the Capacitive Touch Display?

Is driving me crazy after hours looking on internet…

I hope to receive any help from you guys! :confused:

Here is the display:


It should be possible.

I haven't looked at it in details, but the small connector (few pins) indicate that it will be I2C-communication.

Look at the software docs on the Lattepanda. That will you tell you what you need to know.

// Per.