IPv6 ?

Good morning

Having here some Arduino MKR 1400 GSM boards to test some Io applications...
Now the examples are working great with the board, but I don't see any IPv6 specific library functions...

Will IPv6 be included at some point in MKRGSM library?

Or do I have to look for another boards to get IPv6 connectivity via mobile network?

Reason is that here we have a provider which sells SIM cards with static IPv6 addresses...

thanks in advance

In my opinion, you should buy a new board for this. I also had a similar problem, and it was solved by using other proxy servers. I also suffered a lot about this, even wanted to buy a new board for this. But at that time, I was not working, and I had little money, and then I revised the configuration of my proxy servers and tried to use paid proxies on the advice of a friend. And a week later, I did it. It turned out that I only had to change some settings, and I learned about the new proxies on this site proxies.com. So try using Google to change the settings of the router.

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