IR Blinking LED

I am trying to make and LED start blinking when I click a button on an IR remote and have it blink forever until I press the button again. I know how to connect my remote and all, I just can’t get the LED to blink forever and be able to turn it off, I click the button it starts blinking and I can’t turn it off. Any suggestions on how I can do it?


You mean the same button on the remote?

You need a boolean flag called say "ledIsBlinking", initialised false. In the "if" where you check for the incoming signal, also check tht the flag is false: if it is, start the blink and set the flag true.

Then have another "if" where you look for the flag to be true as well as the incoming signal, and if it meets that requirement stop the blinking and set the flag to false, ready for the next request to blink.

Are you sure you are recieving the 2nd IR signal on the Arduino ?

Please post the code that isn't working. Then we can probably help.

Trying to guess what you've written and why it doesn't work isn't a useful way of working.