IR camera

Hello I would like to build a camera with motion sensor and see card.

The minimum requirement is it distance to 30m.

Please suggest me any good camera

What kind of camera will you building? CMOS? CCD?

This one works pretty well, but there are cheaper cameras.

I don't know what it's that.
It will placed on mountain and need IR for night. Also it will send the video through email or will upload it somewhere


The suggested camera seems great but expensive. I guess I need to get access on SD card to get the video with the arduino

Arduino doesn't do video. It won't even do decent images. This is not a project for a microcontroller, unless you want to stick a proper digital camera into a box and manipulate its buttons with rigged up servos.

You want a wifi enabled trail cam that does video, but you can't afford one. It will take more money and much more time to make one yourself considering your displayed cluelessness.

If you have a job, even if you don't make that much, it will still be quicker to just save up and buy the trail cam that does what you want.