IR code cracker?

Hello, Can someone please guide me on an arduino code generator which would enable me discover the IR codes of an old Sony FH-E828 micro stereo. Many thanks in advance

You've lost the remote control?

Well, I never had it. Found the system with loudspeaker in good condition in the trash and as mine broke down I was happy to adopt it. There was no RC :(

A quicker solution might be to obtain a cheap ‘universal remote’ from e-bay or such. They usually include a long list of device control selection codes by manufacture. I’m sure one could build and code an arduino to perform the function but it will take some research and/or experimentation to get the IR codes correct.

Eureka, managed to find something using dijit on xoom2-me tablet: it's "receiver" of brand "Sony" - "remote #3"! and i can select from 5 sources and control the power and the volume. Now i need to look at the signals on the scope (got a Gabotronics stamp scope) and program the signals on the arduino Thanks