IR code reader ans sender


Aren't their just some easy program's that you can upload to your arduino, so you can read a Infrared code from any remote ? On the arduino site, i found some code where i can read a IR signal but that output is meant to use with some graphical software and not really to save that signal and send it with the arduino. So i just need some code that read some ir signals, so that i can save that info in a header file or something and when I have that info about the ir codes, i can resend those signals too for example my radio. Someone know some good sites or codes of something ?


Our demo library for the Gadget Shield has an application just like that: decode any IR remote, store the code in EEPROM, then play them back on command:

It probably wouldn't be hard to modify this code to take the data and store it in a header file instead. The code is not specific to the Gadget Shield so you don't have to buy one -- it will work with any IR receiver and IR LED.

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Thank you for the reply !

But I tried a code like that before but it works only with a few remote controllers. The remote controle i'm using at the moment usses the NEC codes, so that program don't recognize the codes of my remote. with the program of this site i can read the codes of my remote controls (NC6 and NEC) but there are some problems with the sending part. I think the problem is I use a arduino mega and it is made for arduino uno (other chip). In the IRremote.cpp file their is a line : '''''''TCCR2A |= _BV(COM2B1); // Enable pin 3 PWM output''''''' So I think I have to chance that line. Or am I wrong ? I also used a normal led to test if the led blinks when I send something but the led doesn't blink or anything (code receiving works fine, my IR LED also works but can't send)