IR compatibility question

are led IR emitters and receivers compatible with arduino
and how to use them?
i have arduino uno r3


They are generally compatible with Arduinos. But IR emitters and receivers come in many different types which are not all compatible with one another. A picture of a clear LED-like thing doesn't provide any useful information.

So if you say what emitter and what receiver you have, preferably with links to their datasheets, and then say what exactly you want to use them for there's a better chance of you getting some useful help.


I have that type of emitter and receiver they both look the same and like an LED
I want to use them for a bi-directional object counter

If that's all the information you have about them, e.g. no part numbers, and you can't even tell the receiver from the emitter then I can't help. Good luck.


i can tell them apart
i just want to know how to use them with arduino