IR Control: Multi-Helicopters Task

Background Info

We are trying to make 5~10 helicopters automatically track the movement of people and follow after them. Syma S107g is the model we are testing with. It looks like the one below.

2 Problems

First, We don't know how to control more than 2 helicopters at the same time in the same space. The manufacture only offers 2 frequency channels to allow 2 same models to fly at the same time was default.

Second, We are looking for a small sensor, which is attached to a part of each person so helicopters can track their movement and follow. we wonder if theres anything as such within the Arduino kit.

  1. Sounds like you need to overcome that obstacle to start.

  2. "small sensor", this will undoubtedly be an RF receiver so the helicopter can know where the person is, then you do not need to do scanning to try and actively track someone - the person broadcasts their position. If the person has a GPS receiver and broadcasts his position, and the helicopter has a GPS receiver and know his position, then doing some "simple" math will allow the helicopter to move to a position that is within so many meters of the person.

If you want the helicopter to always remain "behind" the person, then the person will also have to transmit the compass direction they are facing so the helicopter can know where to position itself.

I imagine you'd also want the helicopter to stay some distance above the person and not fly into them, something else to consider. And not land on top of the person when battery power gets low. And not crash into other helicopters, so some position broadcasting & receiving might be good.

I'm thinking this might be beyond the capability of an 8-bit processor with limited SRAM, once you get issue #1 resolved.