IR emisor Question

First of all I´m new on arduino forum and I ask here because I need some help. Also my english is not very good, so excuse me.

I´m trying to use an ir led to control my tv. The ploblem is not the sofware because I have decoded the signals from the remote controller with Arduino.
But the problem is when I try sending them to the television; the signals works well under 1.5 meters from the tv.
But it is not enough; HOW can I amplifie the ir signal to work further away fom tv, like the remote which can work arond 10 meters from the tv.

Say that I use the irremote.h library and I connect the ir led anode with one 100Ὠ resistor to the arduino pin 3, and the ir led cathode to GND

I need more than 1.5 meters away from the tv and my circuit; please help....


Please post a link to the data sheet of ir led you have.

It is possible that the ir emitter in your tv remote is brighter either because it is more efficient, or it is receiving a higher current, or because has a narrower viewing angle. A transistor may be needed to provide more current than the Arduino pin can supply.


You could also need perhaps two IR LEDs to double the brightness as well as using a transistor and a lower resistor.

Attached is a circuit I have used, it also contains a visible LED so you can see if it is flashing. This can be removed if you like.

IR schematic.pdf (21.9 KB)

IR picture.JPG

I don't think that is problem of your coding. It should be something to do with your IR led's power. try changing the resistor.