IR emitter issues

I have a working IR receiver, sender, i've followed the instructions on adafruit's website and my code is copied from it.

My issue is that my sender only works for one of the devices in my house, a RC6 cable tv receiver (Tata Sky). I've tried making it work on ACs, a Sony TV, an NEC tv (Videocon) and various other devices and it just doesn't work. It only works on RC6. I also tried Ken Shirriff's IRRemote library code and i have the same issue.

Any ideas what the issue might be? My IR transmitter might be the 850nm one (not sure), would not having the 950nm one make the difference? I'm a bit lost

The IR emitter wavelength doesn’t matter much at reasonably-close distances. The greater possibility as to the source of your problem is that you’re not matching the carrier frequency; 38Khz being the most common but some use 26KHz, 36KHz, 40KHz, or 56KHz.

Thank you! Any idea how i can figure out the right frequency for the device when i'm receiving its IR signal?

Much appreciated

Thank you! Any idea how i can figure out the right frequency for the device when i'm receiving its IR signal?

Much appreciated

You can't use a complete receiver module because it will filter the carrier out. You would need to use a phototransistor or photodiode to "see" the raw signal modulation. What happens when you try the IRrecvDump example of the IRemote library? You may have to download it if you don't already have it. Some remotes send several different strings back-to-back to try and hit as many devices as possible, or they have really long transmissions that have too many bits for the library to handle properly. You might need to modify two or three buffer sizes in the library to make it handle your remote. I have that problem here when I try to read my u-verse remote. I haven't found time to fix it yet, so I just use an older Sony remote that works for now. I think somebody recently made a nice clear post about what needed changing to make the library handle the longer strings.

To clarify, i'm trying to replicate a Griffin Beacon type universal remote

It should be able to accept any and all kinds of IR signals, decode them and then be able to send them as a universal remote control would.

Following the standard tutorials and examples is helping me handle some signals but not all.

When i come across an article like this one, IR Widget - Consumer infrared remote control capture and visualization, it seems like Chagrin's comment about frequencies not matching is most likely accurate.

I'm a bit lost, any help will be appreciated

Hi smoothcall,
Can i have code for Tata Sky remote,