IR Emitter to Photodiode Help

Hey Everyone.

Im just starting a project in which I need to get an IR Emitter to talk to a Photodiode. I'm very new to both of these sensors. What are some ways I can test the connection between them? Some basic start up code? and would the IR Emitter and IR Receiver be a better combination?

Im using an Arduino Uno for this.

thanks in advance for any help.

A photodiode usually has a frequency range where it's detecting within. If your photodiode does detect light in the IR range, you can use this combination.
An IR receiver includes a demodulation filter in most cases which only detect IR signals if they are modulated by a 38kHz square wave. This makes sense in many environments where you may have daylight influencing your results otherwise. An IR Emitter is usually an IR LED, do you use something else? Please post links to the parts you plan to use.

OK turns out it's an Infrared Transmitter rather than an emitter.. but here the link to that: and this is the link to the photodiode:

These two components should work together. Keep in mind that ambient light also contains infrared parts, so the "communication" between these parts work in the dark but not reliably in daylight (out of the box). Maybe we are able to help you further if you disclose a bit more information about your project.