IR Hit/ Miss Detection and Transmission of Data to one source with XBee


I’m working on a project that involves an object breaking an IR beam (4 locations where it could be broken) and then transmitting whether the beam was broken to a central location. Currently I have 4 Xbee’s hooked up to Arduino Teensy LC’s which are connected to IR Emitter Receiver pairs pulsing at 38 KHz and outputting either high or low. We are able to currently to turn on an LED light on when the beam is broken (using just the teensy and IR) but now are trying to configure our Arduinos such that it will give information to the slave XBee and transmit to the Master Xbee and have it collect the number of ‘hits’ on some other device.

All we need to transmit is “hit” but right now the Transmitting XBee’s are trying to send all the pulsing data of high and low and it is overwhelming the Receiving XBee. How would we filter out all the data into one singular collection point with the Teensy to transmit with the XBee?

(The project is a sports ball crossing a tripwire and recording a counter of the number of balls that cross the thresholds at a central location)

Our Parts:

Thank You for your Time! :slight_smile:

Initial_Trip_Wire_Code.ino (2.23 KB)