IR led control


I've decided to buy arduino and hack my AC because pilot is pretty inconvenient to use. I'm using IRremote library and TSAL6400 IR diode powered from 5V arduino pin controlled with logical transistor. I had no problem reading the codes from my remote but when i try to send them with led I can't get it to work. I see led flashing with my camera, but AC is not responding. Tried all sort of distances and angles but nothing works. Any ideas what may be wrong?

When you read the codes, what are you seeing? Raw info or hex codes or what? Have you determined what protocol you should be using? When you read a code, is it consistent? What do you see when you hold down a button during the reading process?

If you can read the IR code from the remote, try reading what you are sending. Do the codes match?


I have read that airco remotes are using very long IR codes that most IR remote libraries are not set up for. Maybe this article helps. Leo..

Hey, remote is sending NEC code (at least it's decoded as NEC). Tried to catch and send raw data, but no success either. Can i send and receive same signal with single arduino? I'll checkout that article about long codes.