IR LED Issue

Hi all, I am a newbie.
I am trying to drive a Lego Power Function IR Remote via an IR led using this library

My trouble is IR LED range: it works only at 10-15cm from LEGO IR Receiver.

The led is a TOOGOO 8 mm LED
With:Voltage 1.3-1.6v
20mA current
850nm wave length
Power 180MW

I am using a 100 ohm resistence (I tried up to 250 ohm).
I simply drive the led with an Arduino pin.

Where am I wrong?
Do I need to supply more power to the led?

Thank you!

Where am I wrong?

You need a more powerful LED plus you need to drive it harder by using a transistor and smaller resistor.

The LEGO remote uses two LEDs to get the range as well.