IR LED on 9488 shield

I have an 9488 shield display hooked up to an R1 D32 ESP board in Uno form factor the same as in Bodmers work and am in fact using Bodmer’s library to drive the display. It works awesomely. My question then is how to drive an IR LED from that setup. Almost all the pins are taken by the shield, and from what I know only a few pins are able to drive an IR LED with the right clocking. Is this able to be done? The application is a loungeroom remote, it almost makes me cry to see such fast graphics being used for that but it may develop features. My fallback is to use MQTT and a centralised ‘blaster’ to send the actual IR signals. The board I have is this

and the display this one

it is an ILI9488.

BTW is it possible to get rid of the eBay box ‘advertisements’ when posting an ebay link?

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