IR LED send different code from the one written in sketch (into sendRaw method)

Hello, I am facing a problem anyone please help me.

I could successfully read the IR signal (code) from the Remote Controller of the TV, but when I tried to send the IR code to the TV through IR LED, TV didn’t response.

So I decided to combine the sketch of IR receive and the sketch of IRsend. I can read the signal that is coming from the IR LED and then compare it with the original signal of RC of TV. I saw both code are not match.

What I found is: the code coming from the IR LED is different from the one that I wrote in the sketch, (which is the original code of RC of TV),

My question is that what is the main reason IR LED send different code or timing or pulse in sendRaw method? (please see attached images).

How to fix this issue?

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Something is wrong with your code, that’s all we can know so far. Start with presenting the sketch and results from the original RC. Then show your sending code.