Hello, I recently purchased my first Arduino to learn basic programming. I ordered some parts like a breadboard, some jumper cables, RGB LEDs and some IR LEDs because I am planning on using it to control a 5m RGB LED strip. I first want to test a few things with the IR LEDs but I have come across the issue that my IR receivers had 2 pins while most guides online use 3 pin IR receivers. Can I still use this and if so how?

There is a difference between IR sensors and IR receivers. Yours might simply be a sensor which detects but does no decoding, while receivers decode modulation internally.


The three pin versions contains input circuitry to demodulate IR remote signals.

If you want to experiment with IR remotes you will need a compatible three pin receiver.


An IR LED (Light Emitting Diode) can be used for a IR sender, but is not a good receiver. Receivers can be built with IR diodes or transistors, and some circuitry, but you'll be more comfortable with integrated IR receivers which connect directly to a digital input.

For a headstart I used a set of IR remote control and IR receiver, and it worked immediately together with the IRremote library. Now I can use that remote control to control my Arduinos :-)