IR Library and PWM


I hope this is the right forum and my English isn't too bad ^^...

In the last days I was trying to build a RGB Light (with one RGB led) with IR remote... On the first change of PWM-signal it worked, the IR (RC6) code was properly decoded but then he only get zeros... I figured out that this happens if i set a PWM Pin to some value, with one it's ok but with > 2 he doesn't decode anymore...

Is there any possibility to fix this? I think it's because of the interrupts but i'm no expert... Because an RGB Light with just one color kind a sucks Oo

//EDIT1: I'm using an Arduino with an Atmega168...

Thanks anyway!

Bye Nold

I can suggest you use a BlinkM, . It uses a simple serial interface to make it work, and will stop any interrupt issues you have. Also you can have a number of these devices on the same serial port and you can address them individually.

hm... that's not realy an alternativ for me... a non-interrupt based (blocking) IR Library would be great.. damn it..

Try using the more powerful chip?

Think this is an idea but the 168 and the 328have the same number of interrupts… The only thing that has changed is the Flash (16->32kb) and the EEPROM (512->1024bytes)…

think i just quit this project and try something different that i have in mind, which is even much geekier xD

Thanks to all anyway!

I am not sure if this is any help but the above library will decode RC6 codes. You can then use the codes to control the RGB led.