IR Library NEC Send?

Im trying to send NEC code that I received from one of my remotes but I dont know how to write the code.
Itd the library from A Multi-Protocol Infrared Remote Library for the Arduino
My NEC code is 61A0F00F please help

Did you try this?

irsend.sendNEC(0x61A0F00FUL, 32);

Heloo... i have a remote with NEC codes ...i got d codes from the remote as it is.... bt the device does'nt respond to these codes wen send frm arduino... the exact same codes are send from the remote and it works...

My code : NEC: 8030040A NEC: 9030060A

What could be wrong?

Anee_B: What could be wrong?

Your IR LED might be too dim. The "High Power IR LED" I got from Radio Shack uses 100 mA and the Arduino outputs can only source 40 mA. You'd need to add a small NPN transistor to switch that high current. To test, put your IR LED right up to the remote control input on the NEC device.

You can use the camera on your cell phone to see if the IR LED is actually lighting.