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Hi i need to hook up an externel IR transmitter and receiver and I cannot find any working IR library for Arduino 33 BLE. Can anyone link it or send it to me I will be grateful

The "Arduino IR library" information on github: GitHub - Arduino-IRremote/Arduino-IRremote: Infrared remote library for Arduino: send and receive infrared signals with multiple protocols implies that the Nano33_BLE is supported. This is available through the library manager in the Arduino IDE.

Hi i have a problem that after uploading simpleRecv skech from examples when i want to open serial monitor (COM port is choosen) the IDE stuck and after 5 - 6 min when it open i have no data there when i should have at least some info about starting the device. I will be greatful if you can help.

What baud rate have you chosen in the serial monitor.? It must match that in the sketch.

yaaa i want to to change it and it crash again

What version of the IR library are you using ? You can see this in the Library Manager.
Just as a troubleshooting test, add a delay(100); statement at the beginning of the loop() and reload the sketch to see if is still causes a crash.
If that does not work, post a screen shot of the "tools" menu in the IDE where you select various compiler options etc.

It was my laptop fault i switch it and it works

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