IR or RF? power consumption

Hello all!

So i'm doing a small project that includes 2 different modules, a transmitter and a receiver. And i decided to use IR to transmit the signal. it works decent. But at idle, with or without sleep mode, my Nano uses about 25-30 miliamps of power. So my question is. Is there any advantage to use Rf instead? How is the power consumption compared between an IR receiver and an RF receiver?

I got some 433 mhz modules laying around here somewhere.

Are you sure this comes from the IR transmitter? What do you use as a transmitter? If a simple LED, it should not draw current when idle... I've not measured the current drawn by a Nano though, maybe something on the board is responsible for that.

Well i see now that i said wrong, i meant the receiver end is the power hungry one. The IR led does indeed not draw much at all. And in sleep the circuit only draws 0.5mA or something.

But the receiving end is always waiting for a signal, which is why it use so much, i assume.

What kind of receiver is it? A self-made one? A receiver you bought online? If so, what's its reference?

These ones:

Hooked up and tested with Uno using this:

30ma is huge. Show us your circuit and wiring.

And if you can, measure the current drawn by your Nano without anything attached to it.

Plus, show us your WHOLE circuit and wiring, not only the part with the IR receiver. Maybe something else is drawing the current.

Been hooking up and down, and unable to post a pic, but i found out that when i hooked it to my Uno, it draws 27.9 without the IR receiver, and 28.4 with the receiver.

Even in sleep it draws above 21.

So i guess the Uno actually draws quite a bit on it's own. Does the barebone 328p draw this much?

No. That's the components on the board: the LEDs might draw a few mA, like the voltage regulator and the USB chip... In sleep mode, the 328p might need only a few hundreds of µA, maybe a little less. So the relatively high current consumption doesn't come from the MCU itself.

Information about that there:

An integrated IR receiver draws ~2.5mA Idle current of a 5volt 1117 regulator ~5-10mA Onboard LED ~3mA