IR position tracking help?

I am not sure where to ask this question but I thought Arduino forums would be a good place to start. I am building an indoor position tracking system to track the movement of an object within a large open room (like 50' x 50'). I need the tracking to happen at least 30ps and the accuracy needs to be down to 6 inches or better.

From what I can gather, the best and most accurate solution is to use several infrared cameras to triangulate the position of a infrared marker.

I think I can handle making a marker and doing the image processing to calculate the position. The problem I have is not knowing what cameras I should use. I don't want to spend a ton initially. I just want to get 2-4 cameras that could get me close. If budget cameras can't get me the coverage I want (50' x 50'), then at least something to flush out the idea on a smaller scale to begin with.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

I think you'd be better off asking on a forum like the OpenCV forum.

As I suspect you'd end up using OpenCV to analyze the data from the cameras.

To process at 30 fps, I suspect this is faster than you're going to get from most Wifi based cameras, processing all video streams may not be possible.

I suspect you may need to use multiple Raspberry PI's one per camera, and get them to send their analysed data back to a central processing Raspberry PI to determine object position based on the 2D position reported by all the camera processing units.