ir protocol programming

hello I have my tv's protocol:

this config file was automatically generated

using lirc-0.8.0(userspace) on Sat May 22 23:33:46 2010

contributed by Gerard Delafond (gerard|

only modifying BN59-00516A

brand: Samsung

model no. of remote control: BN59-00865A

devices being controlled by this remote: LE19B450C4W LCD TV

begin remote name Samsung_BN59-00865A bits 16 flags SPACE_ENC|CONST_LENGTH eps 30 aeps 100 header 4633 4321 one 712 1520 zero 712 398 ptrail 704 pre_data_bits 16 pre_data 0xE0E0 gap 108193 toggle_bit 0 begin codes TV 0xD827 TOOLS 0xD22D FAV_CH 0x22DD RETURN 0x1AE5 CH_LIST 0xD629 POWER 0x40BF SOURCE 0x807F 1 0x20DF 2 0xA05F 3 0x609F 4 0x10EF 5 0x906F 6 0x50AF 7 0x30CF 8 0xB04F 9 0x708F 0 0x8877 PRE-CH 0xC837 VOL+ 0xE01F P+ 0x48B7 MUTE 0xF00F VOL- 0xD02F P- 0x08F7 MENU 0x58A7 EXIT 0xB44B UP 0x06F9 LEFT 0xA659 ENTER-OK 0x16E9 RIGHT 0x46B9 DOWN 0x8679 GUIDE 0xF20D INFO 0xF807 TEXT-MIX 0x34CB RED 0x36C9 GREEN 0x28D7 YELLOW 0xA857 BLUE 0x6897 SUBTITLE 0xA45B end codes end remote how do I program that into arduino? I want to make a program that sends the power command

Looks like you’ll have to read up on what the lirc description you have actually means. It probably describes the bursts of carrier pulses sent by the remote. One thing you need to know is the carrier frequency, typically around 38KHz. Maybe the “eps 30” means 30KHz carrier but that would be a guess.

Find the lirc documentation and read all about it.

See this . . .

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It will take some work on your part, but the answers are in those posts.