ir receiver and repeater to computer via arduino

I am using the following sketch from parallax to send a 1 or 0 depending on trigger input to the computer with serial monitor turned on but I would like to be able to send the wave function of the infrared detector that i salvaged from a vcr. I don want a trigger but an analog to digital to serial converter such that I can record a signal from the button presses of a remote control. I would also like to hookup to an output pin an infrared led with the same signal that is coming in from the remote such that arduino can function as an expensive Infrared repeater with a capture mode that sends the signal top the computer and a transmit mode that plays back the signal inan order I choose so as to create secuences of button presses that act equivalent to macros on a computer for programming remote-enabled devices.

Eventually I would like to store data derived from the signal on an pod or iphone to use as a universal scripting remote control.

void setup() {
  Serial.println("Warming up...");

void loop() {
  Serial.print("IN2 = ");
  Serial.println(digitalRead(2), DEC);

Have a read if this

How would I go about modifing and combining the datalogger sketch for SD card shield and the ir analyser sketch such that instead of three analog sensors I only have one digital sensor a.k.a. the ir receiver. Also such that the 4uS resolution is maintained on the ir side of the sketch.

Thanks in advance for your help.