ir receiver for android head unit

Hi, i have a android car head unit which does not have IR interface. My car does not have steering wheel audio control buttons. I want to use a generic IR remote to control head unit functions. one such IR remote for car is here:

The head unit has two wires which can be configured to various functions such as volume control, open phone, etc. It is meant to be used with steering wheel audio control wires.

Head unit identifies a button is pressed by measuring resistance between above two wires.

I want to know if it is possible to use a arduino unit with ir receiver module which can change resistance between two pins (connected to above two wires) when an ir signal is received.

something like - IR code 1 = resistance of 1K IR code 2 = resistance of 2 K and so on for 8-10 button setup.

Please let me know if I am thinking in right direction or not. my back ground is that I am out of touch with electric components, used to play with circuit boards when i was in school.