IR Receiver interrupt and arduino sleep mode

I need to put my arduino into the sleep mode in order to consume less power. My arduino receives IR data and do some work with it, but I need to make it sleep until there is no data. If the data has appeared it should wake up and do something with data and go back to sleep mode. Is there any way to do this. I would be grateful for any help.

What experience have you had in this area?

This is doable.
Do some reading on: interrupts, sleeping, IR remotes.
Some suggestions:

Also look up the low power library from rocketstream.

It usually uses much less power with a 'bare-bones' arduino.

But you really, need to provide a lot more information about your project to get meaningful assistance.

  • which arduino
  • a good description of your project. Wiring?
  • Battery operated? which type of battery? or is there another power source available?